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This week, pop culture experts, released an eye opening analysis of growth in the digital comics market. In their report, digital comics sales grew to $90 million in 2013.  The growth rate continues to decline from the near-tripling pace in 2012, but it’s to a still robust 29% over 2012 levels.  In dollar terms, the growth is still the second highest since the advent of digital comic sales in 2009, with a $20 million increase, second only to 2012’s $45 million increase.

digitalcomicschart CEO Milton Griepp, comments “There was no way that digital comics could continue the explosive growth of the past couple years. That being said,  29% increase in any industry is still a great number.”

Digital comics sales growth is still out pacing ebook growth, which actually went negative in 2013.  Print comics and graphic novels have been growing even as digital comics sales have been growing rapidly, evidence that comics may indeed be different from other media and have the potential for growth due to the increased access that digital comics bring.

This analysis does not include subscription-based “all-you-can-eat” offerings, such as Marvel Unlimited or Crunchyroll.  It includes English-language sales from North America-based platforms, so inevitably includes some international sales.

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