Toy manufactures can just stop producing Guardians of the Galaxy products now because there is no way anything will top the Rocket and Groot figures Hot Toys has just revealed.

Hot Toys has created top of the line figures in their sixth-scale line, but I don’t think they have ever put out anything better than these Groot and Rocket pieces. Fans have the option of purchasing each figure individually, but why would anyone want to separate these close companions?

With Rocket standing at only 6.3″ tall he can easily be perched on the shoulders of the massive 15.35″ tall Groot. Rocket comes with swappable hands and his massive gun, while Groot comes with an alternate face and a few hand options. Of course, each figure comes with its own stand to help with displaying these amazing figures in your Nerd Room of Doom.

The detail on Groot is simply outstanding; it might possibly be the best figure I have ever seen from Hot Toys. What is great about the these figures is that both characters are digitally created on screen, which, I feel, is easier to capture correctly in figure form. When actual people get the figure treatment it can lead to an awkward “stare out into space face.”


Rocket and Groot are currently available for pre-order for $159.99 and $199.99, respectively, or $359.99 together. Waiting is going to be the hard part with these as the expected ship date isn’t until March 2015.

via Sideshow Collectibles


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