Warner Bros. Entertainment is ready to give you a ton of bags at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and with 13 designs, you’re bound to get one perfect for you.

For the fifth year running, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic-Con have teamed up to produce and distribute the official bag of Comic-Con, which will be distributed to fans when checking it at the Con. The highly coveted bag, which can also be worn conveniently as a backpack, has been called a “must-have” by Variety and Comic-Con’s “ubiquitous accessory” by Entertainment Weekly.

By The Numbers

  • 130,000 bags have been produced to give away
  • 13 different designs
  • 2 sides – one for the official Comic Convention logo and the other to promote the studio’s TV series and Batman’s 75th anniversary
  • 2 bags will feature Batman and the 1966 Batman TV series

VAMPIRE-DIARIES-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 SUPERNATURAL-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 MIKE-TYSON-MYSTERIES-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 GOTHAM-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 FLASH-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 COMIC-CON-SIDE-Official-2014-Bag BATMAN-75-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 TEEN-TITANS-GO-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 ORIGINALS-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 iZOMBIE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 FOLLOWING-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 CONSTANTINE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 BATMAN-CLASSIC-TV-SERIES-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 ARROW-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024

Which bag do you like the most?

via Warner Bros.