It has been said that no idea is too ridiculous to be popular, and I wholeheartedly agree.  One of the most popular wrestlers of the last quarter-century has the gimmick of being an undead zombie biker cowboy, while this summer’s big-screen blockbuster has people primed to cheer for a talking raccoon.  Grant Morrison made serious, excellent stories featuring concepts like Zur Enn Ahr and the Batman of many nations, and even Krypto the super-dog (poster-child for Silver Age lunacy) had a reasonably successful kids show a couple of years ago.  In this age of mash-ups, genre benders and ironic hats, could Ultra The Multi-Alien make a serious comeback?  Is ‘My Mother The Car’ the hit movie franchise of 2017?  Could the Next Big Thing actually be PASTE POT PETE?

No.  No it couldn’t, but that line of speculation does lead us to today’s ahead-of-its-time query….

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks there might be a couple of awesome stories left in The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City, asking: What seemingly-ridiculous concept of comics past would you like to see updated into something awesome?


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  1. While he has been spotted recently, I’d love to see G’nort return to the DCU a little more frequently and with some of the same silliness he had back in the day.

    Also, pink kryptonite.

  2. I’d really like to see a return of things like the Amazing Zoo Crew in all its punny form. (I think Multiversity will have Captain Carrot at least).

    In a broader sense, I love issues where basically Popeye showed up and met Superman, can we get stuff like this back?

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