During this week’s Major Spoilers Podcast, the four of us had many thoughts (some of them even coherent) about Marvel’s announcement of their new female Thor.  For my part, I can’t help but remember the recent cancellation of ‘Journey Into Mystery’, featuring solo adventures of the Lady Sif.  Given how awesome movie Sif has been (her guest-starring gig was one of the first episodes of ‘Agent of SHIELD’ that worked) I wonder why we couldn’t just get more of her, but I also suspect that Jason Aaron has something up his sleeve.  It might be interesting to see Amora The Enchantress go straight and bust heads with Mjolnir as well, which leads us to today’s succession query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would really love to see Jane Foster under the armored helmet, but doesn’t expect that it will happen, asking: Who would you most WANT to be the woman with the power of Thor?


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  1. One of Old King Thor’s daughters from the Thor – God of Thunder series Jason Aaron writes. They are three bad ass characters, it would be great to see more of them. I wish Esad Ribic were doing the art as well on the new book.

    • I’m leaning towards his oldest daughter has blonde hair and wields stormbreaker (Beta Ray’s hammer) in the future.

  2. since Storm and Wonder Woman have already wielded Mjolnir, I’d like to think outside the box a bit (but still within the marvel/disney wheelhouse) and see Mulan, Violet from the Incredibles or Merida from Brave pick up the hammer.

    • She’s the one who came to mind when I heard the “Lady Thor” thing on the podcast. But, you know what? If Marvel wanted to make an interesting comic it woudln’t be Syf, or the valkyrie lady or any other character, it would be Thor. He would just suffer an accidental sex change after one of Loki’s plans didn’t go as planned or whatever, and then he would have to deal with being a woman for 18 issues.

  3. I think it would be a hoot if Aunt Mae happened to stumble across Thor’s hammer and picked it up…. (head explodes…. unable to continue with this line of thought)

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