Steve Jackson Games unveils Munchkin Messenger Bag


Looking for another way to show your love for the card game Munchkin? Steve Jackson Games has released a new messenger bag, just for you!

Every munchkin has loot (or should-you’re working on that, right?) and now you can haul your stash around with the Munchkin Messenger Bag! With storage space enough for two Munchkin core sets, two Boxes of Holding and accessories, you’ll be able to kick down doors and fight monsters wherever you go! Each bag comes with four new Munchkin cards plus a jumbo die for your personal Munchkin treasure hoard. We figure you’ve got the room.

I really need one of these. So does Rob. So does DnDBrian, and I’m going to bet YoungZach needs one too! ¬†With all the Munchkin sets around the Major Spoilers HQ being able to get a set from here to there (and everywhere in between) is vital.

The bag is available now for a MSRP of $75, but you can get a discount now if you are an Amazon Prime member.

via Steve Jackson Games