This week, while watching the mind-bendingly boring morning shows that make up my mornings at work (our television is always tuned to local channel for any news or weather reports that might affect us), I was happy to see that the announcements for the Emmy awards were being done by the lovely and perversely funny Mindy Kaling.  I was a little taken aback, though, when I discovered that Mindy herself wasn’t actually nominated, as I find her and her show really funny.  Of course, many of my favorite things receive little critical acclaim, (Ambush Bug doesn’t even rate an entry in ‘Gone And Forgotten’) and the last time I remember something that I really loved actually winning awards was with Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ lo these many years ago.  Of course, even the most coveted awards are often nothing more than popularity contests, which leads us to today’s honored-just-to-be-nominated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) once tied for thirteenth place in a poetry slam and won a ball-point pen, asking: Does it matter to you whether or not your favorite shows, comics or other entertainments win awards?


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  1. No because all too often I find awards are nothing more than self-congratulating people and politicking. Venture Bros may have never won an emmy for example, but it still remains one of the best shows on TV. Likewise with awards such as the Oscars, there is a lot of bias against certain genres or stories. There may be a movie about the Trail of Tears that wins all sorts of awards, but is not really a better movie than the overlooked(looked down on?) Pulp adventure movie.

  2. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Yes. Awards mean publicity, publicity means people who wouldn’t be exposed to a wonderful things might suddenly have the chance to read/watch whatever. So only in as much as I like the idea of good writers being rewarded with a larger audience and the audience finding something they might enjoy which they could easily have missed. But that is still a yes.

  3. I find a strange vicarious validation from shows I enjoy getting a nomination.
    The reverse is also true.
    That said, Orphan Black getting skunked from the nominations is a travesty, I tell you. Travesty!

  4. CosmicDebris on

    I like it when they do…especially if I really think they deserve it. But a lot of the time I just realize how steep the competition is, and how certain genres just don’t get much respect, and I am not bothered that they don’t. Venture Bros. Definitely deserves some kind of award, though…I just wish they’d produce episodes more often. ;)

  5. Well.. I wouldn’t say that the award in it self is important but if something wins an award it might mean that it won’t get cancelled and I can keep watching/reading it.. Also it nice to know that there is others that share the same joy for something that I like…but still if something I like don’t get one then: “who cares I like it anyway”

    So I would boil it down to that: I happy if something I like gets an award but I don’t care if it gets it or not…

  6. Malone_hasco on

    Not in the least. I’ve been most of my life a guy who always liked counter-, alternative-, or whatever little known culture. My things were comics, manga and anime before anyone knew what they were called, extreme metal music, horror movies, role playing games, etc. For me, mainstream recognition and huge success often means watered down, “burgered” or trying to please wider audience, thus ruining it for everyone. Oscar is completely insignificant award for me, it only shows you probably got rich friends in Hollywood, nothing more. Emmy likewise.
    Oh, one thing needs to said, superhero comics were never considered popular or well known here in Finland either. People know Batman, Superman, probably Phantom and perhaps Spider-Man, maybe some of the Avengers now with several movies, but I’m not sure. Asterix, Tintin and Donald Duck are much more mainstream.
    Now when Im no more in my 20’s, I dont look like that much counter culture guy anymore, but remain one at heart.

  7. I just find it hilarious that President OBama is nominated for a web-short he did with Zach Galif…iansiankis on funnyordie. I want all the news shows to have to refer to him as Emmy Award winning President Barack Obama. Though I guess, after a Nobel Peace Prize, it ain’t nothin’ but a thing.

  8. Not at all.
    I see too many great actors like Jimmy Stewart never given an Oscar or given token Oscars at the end of their career to take the Oscars seriously any more. They lost credibility with me many years ago.

  9. Not really. I mean, sure, it would be great publicity if they win or are at least considered for the award, but other than that it really doesn’t matter to me. Plenty of series, movies, actors, etc. have been amazing and yet were never even considered for an award, but that hasn’t changed how much I enjoy them.

  10. No, because my favorite genres (sci fi and fantasy) of TV shows and movies almost never win awards, or if they do, it’s usually only for special effects or music, even though the stories are often more topical or relevant towards society’s problems than the stupid romantic comedies and soap operas that usually do win. I am also fond of Westerns as well and it takes something as strong as “Unforgiven” to win any sort of award. Of all the “Best Picture” award winners, there’s only 11 or 12 that I actually liked. That’s about 10%, which isn’t a very good percentage.

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