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Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five.

We all need a break from cable television. For some of us, it is a brief trip into the world of online video, while others of us, subscribe to hundreds of channels. This week, it’s our top five YouTube Channels.

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  1. Frederick aka Darth Macho on

    I can’t wait to listen! You guys have gotten me into D&D, Munchkin, and Order of the Stick (from Top 5 Web Comics), so now I can only imagine what else you’ll get me into.

    Most of my Youtube subscriptions are Walt Disney World related. I make due between trips by watching ride videos on Youtube. my favorite is one called iThemepark. He does walkthroughs that make you feel like you’re there. If I could figure out how to get my laptop to dispense food from my favorite WDW restaurants, I’d never need to go again.

    Other channels I subscribe to are a weird mix, such as Turner Classic Movies, various WWE related channels, and of course, Major Spoilers.

  2. My top five kinda goes like this
    1. Cryaotic, or Chaotic Monk he does various things on his channel (mostly videogames) but is loved more for his reactions to situations. Hes also very popular for his narrative of scary stories like creepypastas other horror stuff.
    2.Geek and Sundry for mostly the same reasons as stephen.
    3.Markiplier. just a really fun corky gamer with very funny content. Mostly gaming but hes also a very caring person who does stuff for charity and reaches out to people. One of his recent videos he played a game that was a horror game, he had fun with it but when it ended and the credits rolled he talked a little about the content in the game that dealt with depression and suicide, telling his viewers to reach out to friends or people that deal with depression and to help them. It was very touching and I commend him for it.
    4. Real Salt Lake Soccer Channel. Real Salt Lake’s channel that brings up to date content about the team and highlights from games. GO RSL!
    5. SWEabridged. Really fun channel that parodies the Sword Art Online anime. Part of the abridged family of the internet but this one is very well done and makes me laugh every time I watch it and gets me every time with the same joke.
    THERES my list

  3. 5. Tasted – shows about food and drinks, the main guy, Noah Galuten, talks about fast crappy fastfood and strange snacks. His producer, Ti, drinks weird alcohol like birthday cake flavored vodka, both are really funny. They also have other shows.

    4. Day9TV – Day[9], Sean Plott, the guy who got me into StarCraft 2. He does almost daily shows, where he analyze StarCraft 2 games by pros, explains what it all means, and breaks the game down for newbies. If you wanna learn the game, he’s your guy. On Mondays it’s “Funday Monday”, where people can submit games, based on restrictions by Sean, like only use one unit, fast expanding ect. A few years ago, the channel would probably have been higher on the list, but I have a pretty good understanding of the game, and I usually only watch Funday Monday. He also commentates StarCraft turnaments, and his brother lives in Korea, and commentates StarCraft for a living.

    3. Ashens – British guy who review cheap toys, and strange, old video game systems. His whole setup is a brown sofa, and you rarely see anything but his hands. He’s also done a movie recently.

    2. RedLetterMedia – Famous for their hour-long reviews of the Star Wars prequels, hosted by a character named Mr. Plinkett. They’ve since moved on, and made two really good movie review shows, one about current movies, and one about really weird, cheap b-movies, called “Best of the Worst”. They recently made a video about The Transformers movies, watching the first three on three screens, side by side. It’s really fascinating how similar the movies are.

    1. TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit – By far my favorite channel. John Bain aka TotalBiscuit, video game commentator, StarCraft 2 team owner, and part-time StarCraft commentator. His channel used to be about World of Warcraft, but I started following him, when he moved to other games. Now he does a show about current news in the world of video games, and the main show: first impressions of new games – the show is called “WTF is…”. He’s funny, straightforward, and honest. He also hosts a podcast on the Polaris channel about video games, together with Jesse Cox and Dodger, two other YouTubers, and has another channel for StarCraft content.

    My also-rans:

    comicbookgirl19 – the name says it all. She makes videos about comic books, but also all kinds of geek, and pop culture. It’s really well produces and fun. I recommend her series about the families in “Game of Thrones”.

    Geek & Sundry – well, it’s pretty obvious why. Day[9] also has a show on that channel: “Spellslingers”. He plays MTG with his geeky friends. I know nothing about MTG, and I’m really not into board games or card games, but I love that show, and Wil Wheaton’s show “TableTop”.

  4. I’m late to the party, but here I go:

    5. SuperJeenius – I really enjoy watching other people play video games, especially when I can’t myself and I think that Jake does a really good job of keeping you involved in the game play. He makes the choice not to voice the games and only to react as a player and I think that it makes it easier to get drawn in.

    4. Scott Manley (szyzyg) – Scott is one of the greatest players of Kerbal Space Program what with his actual knowledge of astronomy and orbital mechanics. Scott also brings a light hearted Scottish craziness to all his game play videos. He also plays a bunch of other games and sometimes stops to teach you how things actually work in the real world.

    3. Lindybeige – I only recently started watching Lindybeige’s videos, but he always produces great videos. Generally he coveres topics along the lines of “Medieval Weaponry Does Not Work That Way”, “History Does Not Work That Way”, “D&D Does Not Work That Way” and here’s how to build your own slime monsters. (Titles are mine not his) If you want to get a better understanding of how to write your fantasy novel or play your D&D campaign, this is the guy to watch. Also if you want to know how to make your own curved collar shirts he has you covered (a man of all trades so to speak).

    2. Pomplamoose – In my mind they’re the greatest band to come out of YouTube and their covers and their original music are both excellent. Jack and Nataly both have their own channels, but the combination is the perfect summation of the parts. They also just released a new album so their channel has been packed full of all new content.

    1. Vlogbrothers – Hank and John Green started a project to communicate with each other without text for a year. Out of that project grew a giant sprawling network of caring and complexity. You’ll learn something in everyone of their videos and the way they include their viewers has spawned a whole community of nerdfighters who Don’t Forget to be Awesome and work to decrease world suck. They have a whole raft of channels now including Sci Show and Crash course, they also created a record lable to improve the conditions for YouTube musicians and also put together a little conference called VidCon.

    Also rans: For Education: All of the Brady Haran fleet of channels (periodic videos, sixty symbols, numberphile, computerphile, deep sky videos … and more and more and more) produces with the expertise of the University of Nottingham. Also Minute Physics and Minute Earth, Smarter Every Day, ViHart and VSauce.

    For Music: Laura Shigihara, The FruityUkeLadies, Molly Lewis, Smooth McGroove and Caleb Elijah.

    For Other Media: Belated Media (movies), CygnusDestoryer (Video Games), Demon Tomoto Dave (everything), PushStartToContinue (Video Games), Mickeleh (Movies), Pro Jared (Video Games)

    Also Charlie is so Coollike, who should probably be in the top 5, but I just watch way too many YouTube Channels.

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