News broke this week that the first few scripts for Doctor Who’s new season (featuring the first full-length appearances of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor) have been leaked online, causing the BBC to implore those with access to NOT make them public, and spoiler the new series before it starts.  While I’m not at all surprised by the leak, I am interested in seeing the responses from internet denizens to the reveal.  Some are angry with the leakers, others are derisive of BBC’s attempt to control the situation,and at least one petition NOT to reveal the events of the scripts has been drafted.  Honestly, though, in today’s on-demand camera-in-every-pocket society, it’s rather surprising that this sort of thing doesn’t happen much more often, leading us to today’s illicitly-photocopied query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) generally has no problem avoiding spoilers, but often doesn’t watch things during their first run anyway, asking: Does knowing that these spoiler-filled Doctor Who scripts exist make you want to know what secrets they contain?


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  1. Hannah Jones on

    Not really, while I wouldn’t be bothered by a spoiler-y leak if I happened across it, I don’t think I’ll be actively seeking them out.

  2. Nope. I much prefer to see it rather than read it. I don’t mind accidental/incedental spoilers but I won’t seek out these scripts or anything like this for properties I’m interested in.

    I was told the first episode of CW’s Flash is out on the web right now, but I’m just going to wait for Hulu to run it like I have done with Arrow and AoS.

  3. Not at all. There’s a bell-shaped curve to “Wanting Spoilers”. On the far left (low probability of intentional spoilers) are things that I care very much about. On the far right (also low probability of intentional spoilers) are things that I have absolutely zero concern for. In the middle (highest probability for spoilers) are those things for which I have a mild to moderate interest, but not strong enough to go see on day one.

    Is the new Star Trek movie a remake of Wrath of Khan? Sure, I’ll spoil that. Plot points for the new Star Wars? No thanks! Plot points for The Purge sequel? Who cares!

  4. I won’t seek out the scripts, but I wouldn’t be devastated by learning the spoilers. Doctor Who, for me, is about the journey more than the destination. We see The Doctor in peril all the time, but we know nothing permanently bad will happen to him, yet we still watch and wonder where it is going. Even knowing the scripted version of the episode only reveals so much since things always change a bit between script and episode. Lots of things could be cut, or sometimes rearranged, making the story of the script and the story of the episode almost two different stories.

  5. I’ll be avoiding spoilers ahead of the episodes airing but in might look up the scripts after that just to see how they compare to the actual episodes.

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