Developers of Borderlands announce next game is Battleborn


Gearbox is currently working with two different studios to continue the Borderlands story line, but the big news from the developer has nothing to do with Borderlands. Watch the reveal trailer for Gearbox’s latest game Battleborn!

I would like to play this right now please. With the distinctive art style, interesting character design and kick-ass looking weapons there are some similarities to Borderlands, at least at face value. Gearbox president Randy Pitchfork describes Battleborn as “a genre-fused, hobby-grade, co-operative and competitive FPS exploding with eye-popping style and an imaginative universe,” and that it is “the most ambitious video game” the company has created.

While Gearbox and 2K don’t plan to release Battleborn until 2015, you can see the cover art and the cover Gameinformer below.



via IGN