Brandon Routh to play The Atom


According to TV Line, Superman actor Brandon Routh is set to play The Atom…

.. on The CW series, Arrow.  From what TV Line is reporting, Routh will play Ray Palmer, the scientist who can shrink himself down to microscopic size.  This will be the first live action adaptation of the character, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out, as Arrow continues to build the DC superhero universe on television. And more importantly, it will be interesting to see how far Warner Bros. allows new characters to be introduced before they realize it could potentially cause major conflicts with the movie universe… unless Warner Bros. already have something up their sleeve that they haven’t unveiled yet.

While this isn’t a two confirmations story, it is interesting enough to post if only to pose this question, “What if Arrow becomes the in universe television show for the upcoming movie lineup?”

via TV Line