Two new Batman titles planned


Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive yesterday that DC Comics plans to launch two new Batman titles in October.

The two new ongoing series are Arkham Manor, where Wayne Manor gets turned into the asylum, and Gotham Academy, a teen drama set at Gotham’s prestigious prep school.

While we don’t know more about the two series than what Entertainment Weekly has stated, of the two, Gotham Academy sounds the most interesting.  Not only will it create that teen tie-in to the Gotham television series – at least as far as demographic goes, but it may also bring a new set of young detectives into the DC universe.  And because it looks like the two leads are female (based on the cover alone), and is written by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher with art by Karl Kerschl, this is going to be the book I most look forward to each month.  The first issue arrives October 1st.

gotham-academy_612x929 arkham-manor_612x968

I wish I could say more on the Arkham Manor series. Seems more like another attempt at a haunted house type series. Arkham Manor will be written by Gerry Duggan with art by Shawn Crystal.   Arkham Manor #1 arrives October 22.

via Entertainment Weekly