SNEAK PEEK: Witchblade #176


What’s going on with the Witchblade? Check out the latest issue, after the jump.

Witchblade #176
Story By: Ron Marz
Art By: Laura Braga
Cover By: Laura Braga
Variant Cover By: John Tyler Christopher
Price: $3.99

Sara Pezzini believes her life is returning to normal…at least normal for someone who wields an ancient gauntlet of immense supernatural power. But when dark secrets about an abandoned amusement park surface, Sara’s investigation draws her into a living nightmare.

Witchblade176_CoverA Witchblade176_CoverB  Witchblade176_Page1 Witchblade176_Page2 Witchblade176_Page3 Witchblade176_Page4 Witchblade176_Page5 Witchblade176_Page6

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