SNEAK PEEK: Spaced Out #4


Here’s an early look at Spaced Out #4 from Bluewater Productions.

Spaced Out #4
pages: 22
Writer: Brent Sprecher
Artist: Ramon Salas

After risking everything to enter the heavily fortified Tiklopis Way Station in search of his spaceship, Bops is devastated to find it has gone missing once again. Sha’A La’s pod of Scroungers might hold the key to its recovery, but only if they are still alive. Bops, Max and Sha’A La make a desperate subterranean search for the Scroungers with Overlord Jardu Krush’s ferocious Volk on their trail, while Amir and Marko make a daring last stand against Krush’s Shock Troops. It’s do-or-die time for Bops, with the fate of Centroa hanging in the balance!

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via Bluewater Productions