SNEAK PEEK: Madame Frankenstein #3


Here’s an early look at Madame Frankenstein #3 from Image Comics.

Madame Frankenstein #3
Story By: Jamie S. Rich
Art By: Megan Levens
Cover By: Joelle Jones
Cover By: Nick Filardi
Price: $2.99

The secret history of the mad scientist and his monster is revealed. Find out what Courtney did to inspire Vincent to steal her dead body and give her new life. Also, we uncover the childhood transgressions that have made Henry so determined to expose his former friend.

MadameFrankenstein03_Cover MadameFrankenstein03_Page1 MadameFrankenstein03_Page2 MadameFrankenstein03_Page3 MadameFrankenstein03_Page4 MadameFrankenstein03_Page5 MadameFrankenstein03_Page6

via Image Comics