Pre-orders for Zombie Tramp a success for Action Lab Entertainment


Action Lab Entertainment has a hit on its hands in the form of Zombie Tramp.  The company is reporting the book has a huge pre-order for the relaunch of the series.

Zombie Tramp is the story of Janey Bell, once Hollywood’s most popular high-priced call girl until she was bitten by a zombie and imbued with strange new powers. The new series picks up from where the Free Comic Book Day preview ends as Janey arrives in Las Vegas to start her undead life over again.

In a press release, Action Lab Entertainment stated it has pre-orders topping 16,000 copies. While this is great news for the indie publisher, for those tracking monthly comic sales have yet another point on the grid to determine how many comics the bigger companies are selling through the direct market. We will revisit this in the coming months when Diamond Comic Distributors releases the sales numbers for July 2014.

Zombie Tramp #1 arrives July 23, 2014, and while you wait for the release, here are a bunch of alternate covers the company is shipping.

ZombieTramp_issue1_cover_risque_solicit ZombieTramp_issue1_cover_JerryGaylord_solicit ZombieTramp_issue1_cover_JoshHoward_solicit ZombieTramp_issue1_cover_regular_solicit ZombieTramp_issue1_cover_JamalIgle_solicit ZombieTramp1_Sphinx_variant ZombieTramp1_WVPopCon_variant ZombieTramp1_AOD_variant ZombieTramp1_MileHigh_variant ZombieTramp1_Phantom_variant_A cover-variant-SDCC ZombieTramp1_A1_variant

And here is a sneak peek of the first issue.

ZombieTramp_issue1_cover_regular_solicit ZombieTramp_issue1_pg1 ZombieTramp_issue1_pg2 ZombieTramp_issue1_pg3

via Action Lab Entertainment