TALK BACK: Legend of Korra – Book 3


This weekend, Nickelodeon debuted the third season (Book 3) of The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra.\

Fan were able to watch three episodes of the series, before it takes the July 4th holiday off.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Republic City is still covered in vines, and after Korra can’t remove them, President Raiko orders her out of the city. After people all over the world, including Bumi, suddenly discover their ability to bend air, Tenzin, Korra and her friends embark on an airship trip to recruit them for the Air Nomads. Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal, Zaheer (Henry Rollins) escapes from a remote prison thanks to his new airbending skills.


Traveling across the Earth Kingdom with Jinora, Bumi, Korra, Asami, Mako and Bolin, Tenzin finds that most of the new airbenders are not willing to uproot their lives to join an austere monastic order. The only recruit he finds is a young thief, Kai. Meanwhile, Zaheer liberates the dangerous earthbender Ghazan (Peter Giles) and the armless waterbender Ming-Hua (Grey DeLisle) from their respective prisons, and is apparently intent on killing the Avatar. The elderly Zuko (Bruce Davison) travels to the North Pole where the last member of Zaheer’s band is being kept.

The Earth Qeueen

Arriving in the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se, Korra is told by the overbearing Earth Queen Hou-Ting that she must collect a shipment of tax money before recruiting airbenders. After doing so, fighting off bandits with Asami, she’s told that there are no airbenders in the city. Meanwhile, Kai absconds from the group, taking up pickpocketing again, and while looking for him, Mako and Bolin meet the family of their late father, San. Their grandmother Yin reveals that the Queen’s secret police, the Dai Li, are making the new airbenders disappear, and indeed Kai is arrested and told he’ll have to serve in the Queen’s army. At the North Pole, Zuko, the new chiefs Desna and Eska, and Korra’s father Tonraq visit Zaheer’s last imprisoned comrade, his girlfriend P’Li (Kristy Wu), a firebender with explosive powers.

Sadly, Nick has decided NOT to share the series on iTunes or Amazon – going so far as removing Book 1 and 2 from the online stores in the process.

Did you watch the premiere? ¬†Share your thoughts on Book 3 – Change in the comment section below. Feel free to share SPOILERS if it is necessary for the discussion, but be aware if you have something spoiled, you’ve been warned.