The latest Transformers movie has arrived in theaters!

An automobile mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down the Autobots – and a paranoid government official – on them.

You’ve read the Major Spoilers review of Transformers: Age of Extinction, now it is time for you to TALK BACK! Use the comment section below to share your thoughts on the movie. Did you love it, or hate it? We want to know!



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  1. It was……really long? In my opinion it could have run an hour less & been the same. The dialogue was also pretty weak, but not necessarily worse than the first three movies. It’s going to make a ton of money, & the special effects were cool. I mean, who can’t get into Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into a fight? But how they introduced the Dinobots added a whole other plot line that they didn’t get through. Overall I’d say thumbs down.

  2. I’ll come way out of left field out of this one and say Mark Sheppard from Battlestar Galactica. His lawyer came off as the sleaziest of the sleazy & the lowest of the low….and I loved every second of it. He is proof that cockroaches can survive a nuclear war. And the way he delivered it was awesome. Whether it is Doctor Who or Warehouse 13, whenever I see him show up, I get super excited because I know he will do an awesome job of being evil.

  3. I thought it was better than the second one. I felt like half the movie was made before they had a script though. The part with Optimus at the end came out of nowhere though like the person who decided that bit was about to overdose on some strong drugs. I would have thought more of the entire movie if that part wasn’t in it. It’s too bad there wasn’t a giant spaceship nearby… And I’ve said it for the other movies before it, it would have been better for me if the humans were not the central characters. I felt like this movie focused on the humans more than the robots just because it was cheaper. And if that is the case then they should have just made an animated movie.

    Gonna say spoilers now…

    There was one scene where boyfriends car was driving by itself. Like they thought about making that car a Transformer but ran out of money. Oh man speaking of that. Hardly any of the robots actually transformed on camera! I don’t even know what Crosshairs turns into. The dinobots turned into oversized dinomonsters and stayed there. They couldn’t even make room for them to talk besides one line in an Ancient language. And what was with the humanabots not transforming at all but turning into clouds of Legos? I swear it’s like they decided to make this movie and sell it on name alone instead of putting any effort into plot or common sense. I thought the way Ratchet died was really sad and terrible.

    You know people are saying this movie is going to be the biggest movie this year, making 300 million worldwide this opening weekend. Just think how it would do if it was actually good.

  4. BOOM ….I’m Optimus Prime…BOOM.. the end. What I remember most about the movie was holding my bladder. Well that and seeing the scenes that were shot in Detroit. Still not worth the ticket.

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