Many years ago, the always-brilliant Calamity Jon covered Krypto the Super-Dog on his awesome blog, Gone And Forgotten, leading the phrase “made of stinky poop” into my vocabulary (always a big hit with the Widget, even in her new pre-teen phase.)  Recently, Jon re-presented that classic bit of comic ephemera with some updates and such, reminding me of the wonderful days where it didn’t seem like that big a deal for Jor-El to have fired his kid’s Airedale into space.  Still, Superboy isn’t the only one with a goofy big dumb animal hanging about during their adventures: The Superfriends had Wonder Dog and Gleek; The Inhumans had Lockjaw; Mal Reynolds had Jayne Cobb.  Even Batman got in on the action with the legendary Ace, The Bat-Hound, leading us to today’s barely house-broken query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to echo the Super Future Friend’s impassioned cries for Lighting Lad to finally get off the damn dog, asking: What is your favorite animal sidekick or pet in all of pop culture?


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  1. Does Lockheed count? Even tho he’s since been retconned into a super-intelligent alien spy, he’ll always be Kitty Pryde’s faithful lap dragon to me.

    So Lockheed gets my vote.

  2. Scooby doo. A talking pet who just wants to eat and goof off – doesn’t get better than that.
    Either that or randuce’s crab from critical hit – best sound effect around and is totally loyal.

  3. Milou (known here in the US as Snowy) from Tintin. Especially from the earlier books, where he sometimes goes off to rescue Tintin. I love how easily he can get distracted by bones – like a real dog. He might not be able to talk, but we get to see what he’s thinking.

  4. Starks Scraps on

    There is an issue of Superman that came out right before the new 52 launched. It was a Krypto issue and it was one of the best Superman comics I’ve ever read. The Vegas issue of Afterlife with Archie ripped my heart out and Lockjaw is my favorite Inhuman. So being a “dog person” (in all actuallity I am an animal person but whatever) I would say Santa’s Little Helper. The loveable mutt who barks up the wrong Bush, has an terrible credit rating, ate Milhouses fish even though Bart lied and said Milhouse never had a fish (why did he have the bowl), and otherwise always seems to let everyone down. Yet despite all this, he is still Bart’s choice over Laddie.

  5. If Digimon count, Gatomon (a cat who could Digivolve into a couple of angels and/or an asian dragon).

    If robotic animals count, K-9 Murphy (from Dekaranger) or Ship (from Ben 10).

    If none of those count, Cake the Cat (from the gender-reversed episodes of “Adventure Time”), Lord Mirdalan (a six-legged canine creature called a Strill from the Star Wars Republic/Imperial Commando novels) or Anji (Han and Leia’s granddaughter Allana Solo’s pet Nexu in the Star Wars Expanded Universe).

    Although if I didn’t have to choose from pop culture, I’d choose my own cat Daksi. She’s a tiny black cat (still relatively kitten sized even though she’s several years old due to some condition, but she’s thankfully healthy otherwise) that thinks she is my protector, is terrified of mice and grass, and is almost inseparable from my bunny Kay.

    I can not choose one of this group completely but I must say:
    All of the Herculoids particularly Tundro(But that is just today, tomorrow may be Zok).
    Wonderful concept and execution, wish it would come back in some form.

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