SNEAK PEEK: Noir Vol. 1 trade paperback


Here’s an early look of the collected first volume of Noir from Dynamite Entertainment.

Victor Gischler (w)
Andrea Mutti (a)
Ardian Syaf (c)
FC • 176 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
FEATURING MISS FURY, THE BLACK SPARROW, AND THE SHADOW! The Black Sparrow is a criminal for hire, a beautiful thief and mercenary available for assignments all over the world. When a mysterious organization hires her to pluck the Moon Stone from a New York museum, she reneges on her deal and plans to sell the gem for greater profit elsewhere… but her employers are not amused. To survive a deadly retribution, she enlists the aid of her former lover — the macabre crime-fighter known as The Shadow — and the costumed heroine Miss Fury. Will the two femme fatales uncover the secrets of the Moon Stone?
• Issues one to five by VICTOR GISCHLER
• Complete cover gallery featuring art by ARDIAN SYAF
• Introduction and issue one script by VICTOR GISCHLER
• Artist sketches by ANDREA MUTTI

NoirTP_Cover NoirTP_Page_008 NoirTP_Page_009 NoirTP_Page_010 NoirTP_Page_011 NoirTP_Page_012 NoirTP_Page_013 NoirTP_Page_014 NoirTP_Page_015 NoirTP_Page_016 NoirTP_Page_017 NoirTP_Page_018 NoirTP_Page_019

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