SNEAK PEEK: Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #4


Here’s an early look at Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #4 from Monkeybrain Comics.

Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #4
Writer: Matt D. Wilson
Artist: Kevin Warren
Letterer: Dylan Todd
Price: $0.99
Pages: 18
Rating: 15+
While a funeral takes place on the other side of town, Copernicus and his by-necessity compatriot, a robot crime boss who now lives in the body of one of his human enforcers, pay a house call.

Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_04-1 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_04-2 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_04-3 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_04-4 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_04-5

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