SNEAK PEEK: Clockwork Angels #3


BOOM! Studios released a sneak peek of Clockwork Angels #3 just for you to check out.

Clockwork Angels #3
Writer(s): Kevin J. Anderson
Artist(s): Nick Robles

When Owen joined the travelling carnival, he learned to find joy in chaos and frivolity. But with the forces of both the Anarchist and the Watchmaker lurking over him, how long can the fun last?

ClockworkAngels_03_coverA ClockworkAngels_03_coverB ClockworkAngels_03_PRESS-3 ClockworkAngels_03_PRESS-4 ClockworkAngels_03_PRESS-5 ClockworkAngels_03_PRESS-6 ClockworkAngels_03_PRESS-7 ClockworkAngels_03_PRESS-8

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