SNEAK PEEK: Bravest Warriors #21


There’s a new creative team in the new issue of Bravest Warriors, so take the jump and check out a sneak peek.

Bravest Warriors #21 (NEW CREATIVE TEAM)
Writer(s): Kate Leth
Artist(s): Ian McGinty

Featuring the debut of new writer Kate Leth (ADVENTURE TIME: SEEING RED) and artist Ian McGinty (ADVENTURE TIME 2014 ANNUAL)! Beth, Chris, Wallow, and Danny finally get to sit back and relax as they take on their next mission—having a picnic! NOT! It’s another crazy adventure with our favorite teen-aged heroes as they save the universe, one mission at a time!

Bravest_Warriors_21_coverA Bravest_Warriors_21_coverB Bravest_Warriors_21_coverC Bravest_Warriors_21_PRESS-4 Bravest_Warriors_21_PRESS-5 Bravest_Warriors_21_PRESS-6 Bravest_Warriors_21_PRESS-7 Bravest_Warriors_21_PRESS-8 Bravest_Warriors_21_PRESS-9

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