Over the weekend, Major Spoilers should you the Iron Man ARTFX+ statue, but Tony Stark isn’t the only millionaire to get the statue treatment as Kotobukiya just announced the “First Appearance of Batman by Bob Kane” ARTFX+ statue.

It seems appropriate that the statue making powerhouse would announce this Batman statue today, since it is the 25th Anniversary of the release of Tim Burton’s Batman. More than that though, it is the 75th Anniversary of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman in Detective Comics #27.

The ARTFX+ Batman statue was sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, in 1/10th scale, based off the characters first appearance. The piece also come with a magnetic base so displaying this exclusive won’t be an issue. What will be your biggest issue is getting this piece for yourself. This limited edition piece will only be available from Kotobukiya at SDCC in July and thru a limited non-attendee sale on the companies official web page.

Kotobukyia doens’t state what the price for this statue will be, but you should expect it to be higher than the usual ARTFX+ statues as it is a SDCC exclusive.

viua Kotokuyia


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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Yeeea silver instead of a mat grey and the blue insides of the cape maybe wasn’t the best choice?

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