Awesome Edward cosplay


There are a few animated series that I truly love – Legend of Korra, Serial Experiments Lain, Secret of Blue Water, and Cowboy Bebop. I’ve seen cosplayers get into the Faye Valentine garb, dress as Korra, and Spike Spiegel, but this is the first Edward cosplay I’ve seen.

Liz Katz has decided to give Edward a go, and the results are really cool!

I decided bring one of my favorite character’s to life! (It’s alive!! MWHAHAHA!) Edward and I would be about the same age now (not based on birth year, but based on the amount of time has passed. She’s kinda from the future). So my thought was “what if she grew up and finally, errr, umm… blossomed!” She’s still the same ol’ Edward, but grown up and more feminine. I gave her modern laptop of today, and her goggles can now wirelessly net dive.

Liz-Katz-Radical-Edward-Cosplay-1 Liz-Katz-Radical-Edward-Cosplay-10

Danny Calderon Photography took the awesome shots, and you can see more at Liz Katz’s website.

via Liz Katz