SNEAK PEEK: Umbral #7


A new story arc begins in Umbral #7 and Image Comics sent us a sneak peek of the issue, that you can check out, after the jump.

Writer: Antony Johnston
Artist: Christopher Mitten

Umbral #7 begins a new story arc that takes the tale’s unlikely heroes through the ‘Bulaswode’: a strange, misty forest full of dangers and weird creatures, including the deadly Silvali riders, called Wodelings. Rascal will have to face her past and battle against hopelessness. Dalone’s own past will return to literally haunt his nightmares. As for Shayim and Munty… well, they’ve got their own secrets to worry about. By the end of it, none of them—especially Rascal—will ever be the same again.

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Umbral #7 arrives July 16, 2014, and features a $3.50 cover price.

via Image Comics