SNEAK PEEK: Dark Engine #1


It’s been called unsafe and insane, and now you can get your first look at Dark Engine #1 from Image Comics.

In DARK ENGINE the world is in ruin. Infectious beasts called SporeDevils roam the country, the air is full of dead men’s ashes, and fallen colossi smother the ground with their decayed husks. A cult of madmen have created a killer named Sym from alchemy, outfitting her with an engine that will allow her to travel back in time to stop whatever it was that made their world so. But these Alchemists have no idea that this engine is sentient, it is thinking. The seed of their destruction is powering an unstoppable killer. Their world is paradise compared to what’s to come when Sym is unleashed.

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Dark Engine #1 arrives July 16 and has a $3.50 cover price.

via Image Comics