In this, the age of snark and dismissal, there are entire websites designed to do nothing but post an image of a television show, comic or movie and say “LOL FAIL.”  At least some of the blame for this has to be laid at the feet of the (now bleedin’ demised) website “Jumping The Shark”, which catalogued a laundry list of moments that derailed their home media, leaving the shows in question “forever ruined.”  I think what’s hardest to remember is that all of those moments, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, was a subjective judgment, left to the eye of the beholder.  (Those who mock Fonzie waterskiing over that shark pen are blind to the fact that the show was #1 in the ratings that season, and for several seasons.)  As for me, I’ve never understood the hatred aimed at The Great Gazoo, a goofy science fiction elf who appeared in the final season of The Flintstones cartoon, and has repeatedly been cited as “the thing that ruined the show.”  As voiced by Harvey Korman, Gazoo was amusing to me, and it’s quite fun to listen to people explaining that a world of cavemen living alongside dinosars, carving stones into working automobiles is now devoid of the realism that is key to their cartoon experience thanks to Gazoo, leading us to today’s fourth-dimensional query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is, to be frank, a little leery of any ‘Jump The Shark’ definitions of any sort, but does agree that the last episode of Season Two of ‘Transformers’ was utter crap, asking: What conventionally mocked or hated moments in pop culture do you nonetheless enjoy?


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  1. The last episode of Season Two of Transformers? “B.O.T.”? Curious if this is the one or if you’re thinking of the Headmaster episodes. Sorry, I’m a gigantic Transformers nerd.

  2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers itself as one long “moment”. Even in it’s early days of popularity, it was pretty heavily mocked (and is mocked even more now), yet I still enjoy the old series (and a few of the later incarnations) despite how unbearably cheesy it can be at times. Even though it is no secret I currently still love Super Sentai, I can’t help but love the almost MST3K worthy cheese of the early years of Power Rangers.

    I’m also one of those strange Star Wars fans that actually likes a lot of the additions in the Special Edition and later re-releases of the classic trilogy, including the additional song in Jabba’s Palace, that many people hate or mock. The only thing I’m really against is the Greedo/Han thing (HAN SHOT FIRST!!!).

  3. Clubberlang6 on

    Without a doubt, the fact I am a big kate and allie fan. sometimes tears and sorrows are all the things we got. . just when you think you’re all by yourself you’re not

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