Yamato USA shows off Space Host Girl statue


Yamato USA continually offers up interesting statues. Some we can’t (or shouldn’t) share with you on this site, while others are so interesting, they just have to be seen. That’s the case with the Space Host Girl with Red Arm variant statue.

“Through the miracle of science the astronaut Keira’s life is saved by her host, a benevolent yet powerful alien Priest and warrior know only as The Patriarch who has lost most of his limbs in trying to save Keira’s life. Keira is given all of his power, and now she must find her path to becoming the last hope for all of human kind”

Space Host LowRes1 Space Host LowRes2 Space Host LowRes3

The statue is sculpted by Erick Sosa, has an order deadline of July 10, 2014, and will only set you back $249.00.  If you don’t like the Red Arm variant, the company has a regular version (black arm) that you can pick up instead.

via Yamato USA