SNEAK PEEK: The Final Plague


AAAAAAHHH! The Final Plague is here! RUN! Or rather take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue from Action Lab Entertainment that arrives in stores today.

Writer(s): J.D. Arnold
Artist Name(s): Tony Guaraldi-Brown
Cover Artist(s): Tony Guaraldi-Brown

The Original Animal Zombie Epic collected for the first time! Follow the terrifying tale of
survival as a mutated rabies virus turns animals great and small into bloodthirsty, rampaging beasts.
Civilization crumbles, and only a small group of farmers and scientists stand between us and total
extinction! Collects the entire first volume of the critically acclaimed horror series!!

finalplagueCover Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-4 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-5 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-6 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-7 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-8 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-9 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-10 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-11 Action_Lab_Ent_The_Final_Plague_Vol_1_TPB-12

via Action Lab Entertainment