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Image Comics and Top Cow are pleased to announce that Larime Taylor and Sylv Talor will return this September to the killer storyline that fans can’t get enough of in A VOICE IN THE DARK: GET YOUR GUN #1… and this time, the blood splatter will be in full color.

In this first issue, Zoey’s killed again, and another killer knows her secret, but is he a potential friend or foe? She got away with murder the first time, but things won’t be so easy this time around. A vengeful father with a friend on the force is out for retribution, and no one—not even Uncle Zeke—can protect Zoey from his wrath.

The series makes the jump to color with cover colorist Sylv Taylor doing interiors as well. The disabled husband and wife team provide an easy entry point for new readers in this first issue of a five part miniseries.

“There’s a ‘story so far’ page at the front of every issue,” said Taylor. “And Sylv’s muted colors keep the spirit of the noir feel from the first arc while making it more accessible to a wider audience.”

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A VOICE IN THE DARK: GET YOUR GUN #1, which arrives in stores on on 9/17 and will be available for $3.99. It can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code JUL140458. Cover B by Ben Templesmith (TEN GRAND, 30 Days of Night) can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code JUL140459.

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