Diamond offers up pop culture merch only at your LCS


Diamond Comic Distributors wanted to let comic book fans know that they have a new shipment of pop culture apparel arriving this week, and the only place you can get these items are at your local comic book shop.

Though I love the convenience of digital comics, there is something nice about going into a comic book or pop culture store and seeing all of the merchandise that is available. Though Hastings isn’t a comic book shop per se, a large section of the store is devoted to the sale of items that fall in the pop culture arena that we cover at Major Spoilers.  I love seeing the new shirts, action figures, and the like each week when I go in, and now, thanks to Diamond Comic Distributors, I’ve got a reason to head out to the store today.

The seven shirts and cap are featured in the June PREVIEWS catalog on pages, 434, 435, and 436, and can be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop. To pre-order, provide the ITEM CODE to your local comic shop

Items Available August 2014:

  • Doctor Who Stacked Tenth Doctor White T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141734, $19.99, Page 434)
  • Adventure Time Nightosphere Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141749, $16.99, Page 435)
  • Walking Dead Michonne Walker Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141739, $18.99, Page 435)
  • Army of Darkness S-Mart Work Shirt (Item Code: JUN141754, $41.95, Page 436)

AdventureTime DoctorWho S-MartWorkShirt WalkingDeadMichonne

Items Available September 2014:

  • Daredevil Lazer Bling Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141724, $18.99, Page 434)
  • Spider-Man Inverse Icon Red T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141729, $18.99, Page 434)
  • Star Wars Collecting Bounty Green T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141744, $18.99, Page 435)
  • Deadpool Word Classic Stretch Fit Cap (Item Code: JUN141756, $26.99, Page 436,)

DareDevilTShirt DeadPoolHat SpiderMan StarWars

Love this stuff!

via Diamond Comic Distributors