SNEAK PEEK: Regular Show 2014 Annual


BOOM! Studios is releasing the Regular Show 2014 Annual this week, and the publisher sent us a sneak peek, just for you to check out.

Regular Show 2014 Annual
Writers: Kevin Burkhalter, Yumi Sakugawa, Jimmy Geigerich, Andy Kluthe
Artists: Tessa Stone, Allison Strejlau, Mad Rupert, Andy Kluthe

Mordecai and Rigby battle it out over a pair of sneakers, and Muscle Man trains his very own troupe of Muscle Scouts.

RegularShowAnnual2014_coverA RegularShowAnnual2014_coverB RegularShowAnnual2014_coverC RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-2 RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-3 RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-4 RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-15 RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-16 RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-24 RegularShowAnnual2014_PRESS-25

via BOOM! Studios