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  1. You’ve presented a tough choice here. Again, Hermione is a thinker and, by the end of the series, somewhat of a battle strategist. I don’t have a great knowledge of Zatanna; most of what I know about her comes from the DCAU. I did a little research on the DC Wiki and found that Zatanna is must speak her spells and is vulnerable to magical enchantments that restrict the power of magical beings like herself.

    IF Hermione has researched Zatanna before their battle, the win would go to Hermione.

  2. I think if hermione can just silence Ayanna this fight is over. She’d just have to figure out how rob ended up spitting slugs and this fight is over.

  3. stellarleader on

    This is a tough one!
    I really like both characters and although I think Zatanna wins in terms of raw power, I also believe Hermione’s discipline could give her the upper hand.
    Aggghh… OK, I’m gonna say that with a well-timed apparition and a petrificus totalus curse, Hermione wins… at least the first round. Then probably Zatanna turns her into an egg and stomps on it, but let’s go with the first result anyways.

  4. If Zatanna realizes that Hermione is dependent on her wand as a mystical focus, this fight could be ended with a quick “dnaW nekorB” hex.
    Zatanna gets the win.

  5. This is tough. I think this match all breaks down to the speed with which they can get off their first spell.

    I think Zatanna might have the raw power here, but we’ve seen plenty of ways people in the Harry Potter universe have had their powers of speech (spitting slugs, turned into a ferret, total petrification, etc.), so I think that if Hermione gets off one of those charms, Zatanna is done for.

    Of course, the reverse is true with Hermione’s reliance on her wand to actually perform magic, and if Zatanna disarms her the fight is just as over.

    All in all, I think being able to speak forwards is a bit faster than speaking backwards, so I’ll give the win to Hermione.

  6. Hermione has wisdom as secundary stat, Zatanna has charisma.
    The Orc of disposition is a stronger build that the illusion build.
    Hermione FTW.

  7. Zatanna. Though it’s a little closer than Hermione’s previous bouts..
    The real question is: Why do you keep putting the child Granger in mortal peril? Simply for our entertainment? That’s shocking! And manipulative!!

  8. I feel like Zatanna’s powers are so beholden to the whim of the writer. Reading Justice League Dark it seemed like they took every excuse to have her powers fizzle or be ineffective. I went with Hermione because she is consistent and decisive.

  9. I chose Zatanna but really this is a non-fight because the way magic works in both universes is so different, I just can’t reconcile it. At least with the Scarlet Witch fight it was magic vs mutant power. Harry Potter magic vs (one of the) DC universe magic just have no common ground.

  10. I really don’t know anything about Zatanna beyond a quick trip to wikipedia…
    …where I learned she is friends with batman…
    Hermione wins because I hate batman.
    Ok my logic is terrible, but I really really hate batman.

  11. !!!YBAB sgnikcots tenhsiF ?cigam touba serac ohW SMAG!!!

    Shout out to Cat Halo!!! been missing your “greetings & salutations”

  12. I went with Hermione this time, mostly because Zatanna has been inconsistent over the decades, with some writers portraying her as a real magician with power that could confine and control even Superman or as a normal mortal who only practices stage magic tricks and doesn’t have real magical powers. Plus, Zatanna has to speak her spells aloud – backwards – and all Hermione has to do it cast a spell of Double Dyslexia on Zatanna and she’d be powerless – or shout “Look, there’s Batman! Isn’t he an absolute hunk!” and clout Zatanna with a baseball bat when she turns to look at her crush and battle over…

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