After a long day of teasing a huge announcement, Steve Jackson Games announced that they are parterning with Boom! to publish a comic book based off the widely popular Munchkin game.

While neither company has released an official announcement at this time, both have acknowledged the announcement by retweeting a fan’s tweet that was present when Steve Jackson Games let the news out.

Again, no official press release has been made about the coming Munchkin comic, but hopefully we will see an official announcement soon with all the detail.s

So, what are your thoughts about a Munchkin comic? Have any thoughts about what the story should be? How excited are you? Give your thoughts to those questions and more down in the comment section!

EDIT: When first reporting on the news of the comic I incorrectly stated that John Kovalic would be doing the art for the comic. Kovalic clarified on Twitter that he isn’t attached to the Boom comic series.

via Twitter, Phillip J. Reed


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  1. I wonder what the story going to be. Is it going to be about people playing Munchkin or set in the Munchkin world?

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