Hulk only available on PlayStation? WTF?


Fans who are excited about Disney’s Infinity 2.0 launch may have reason to be a little upset this morning as it was announced that the Hulk figure, part of the Disney Infinity launch will not be available on all gaming platforms on launch day.

While you will eventually get to play as Hulk, the Collector’s Edition will only be available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on launch day.  This was just one of the many partnerships Sony announced at its E3 press conference.

Probably not the most thought out tactic on Disney’s part as this is going to force a number of people to buy up as many of the sets as they can, and immediately turn around and sell the figure on the “black market” at a jacked up price for a huge profit.  Something similar to this was seen on the Skylanders front when Ninjini was first launched and those who were able to get the limited figure early on sold it online for three to four times the price ($80-150).

As popular as the Hulk is, and the early smashing action we’ve seen in released videos, this will be the character to have in the arsenal when it comes to leveling the playing field.

via Sony