SNEAK PEEK: Headspace #3


Here’s an early look at Headspace #3 from Monkeybrain Comics.

Headspace #3
Writer: Ryan K Lindsay
Art: Sebastian Piriz, Eric Kawadzki
Colored: Marissa Louise, Eric Zawadzki
Lettered: Eric Zawadzki
Price: $0.99
Pages: 23
Rating: 15+
Max makes an interesting pit stop on his getaway journey and Shane is sucked further into the whirlpool of despair that is the Cove via limousine killings, one hell of a mean father, and a building destroying danger on the final page you won’t want to cross.

Headspace_03-1 Headspace_03-2 Headspace_03-3 Headspace_03-4 Headspace_03-5

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