SNEAK PEEK: Chicacabra


Tom Beland brings us a new book called Chicacabra, and IDW Publishing sent us a sneak peek.

Tom Beland (w & a & c)
Tom Beland, creator of the multiple Eisner-nominated series True Story, Swear to God, returns with an all-new graphic novel. Heads will roll in 2014 when the world gets a taste of CHICACABRA! In Puerto Rico, there is a girl, Isabel Sanchez, who could be like any other girl you see in high school… except for the creature who lives inside of her that’s a ruthless killing machine. Chupacabras, Vejigantes, fistfights, and weed!
TPB • B&W • 200 pages • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-63140-011-7

Chicacabra-1 Chicacabra-2 Chicacabra-3 Chicacabra-4 Chicacabra-5 Chicacabra-6 Chicacabra-7 Chicacabra-8 Chicacabra-9 Chicacabra-10

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