SNEAK PEEK: Bravest Warriors 2014 Impossibear Special


Check out this sneak peek of Bravest Warriors 2014 Impossibear Special.

Bravest Warriors 2014 Impossibear Special
Writers: Kevin Panetta, Nikki Mannino, Jeremy Sorese, Kevin Church, Kat Leyh
Artists: Paulina Ganucheau, Nikki Mannino, Jeremy Sorese, Jess Fink, Kat Leyh

If there is one sassy fur ball in BRAVEST WARRIORS that deserves it’s own comic dedicated to how awesome he is, it’s Impossibear. Impossibear and Catbug are up to no good with the Bravest Warriors off on a mission! But have no fear, there are plenty of shenanigans to be had!

BW_Impossibear_Special_coverA BW_Impossibear_Special_coverB BW_Impossibear_Special_coverC BW_Impossibear_Special_PRESS-4 BW_Impossibear_Special_PRESS-5 BW_Impossibear_Special_PRESS-6 BW_Impossibear_Special-press-11 BW_Impossibear_Special-press-12 BW_Impossibear_Special-press-20 BW_Impossibear_Special-press-21 BW_Impossibear_Special-press-30 BW_Impossibear_Special-press-31

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