One-Shot Gallery to present From Spawn to Saga: Image Comics at 22 this weekend


Press Release

Opening this Saturday, FROM SPAWN TO SAGA: Image Comics at 22, presented by One-Shot Gallery.

In 1992, several high-profile artists that were frustrated with working for DC and Marvel struck out on their own to form Image Comics. These artists joined with other unique talents to give the creator-owned movement a shot in the arm by putting out books like Spawn, WildC.A.T.s and The Maxx which would become synonymous with comics in the ’90’s. Since then, Image has become the place for creator-owned projects, including critically-acclaimed series like The Walking Dead, Saga and Rocket Girl. This exhibit celebrates the awesome books published by Image Comics from ’92 to today.

Join us for this exhibit’s opening reception this Saturday, June 14th, from 8-10pm at St. Mark’s Comics. Check out some art, meet some of the artists and of course, comics!


One-Shot is a micro-gallery that exhibits original contemporary art and prints inspired by and celebrating the aesthetics, characters, and themes of comic books and original graphic novels.