Today’s image is of a Ferrari Millenio, a car taken directly from the mind of my 12-year-old self and given form by automotive designer Marko Petrivic.  Equal parts Batmobile, Speed Racer’s Mach 5 and Hot Wheels car, it’s exactly the car that I would drive if I had the scratch and would fit in the driver compartment.  Interestingly, my most recent vehicle, a turn-of-the-century Chrysler LHS, is the first car that I’ve actually CHOSEN to purchase, rather than just buying what is available in my meager price range, and it has a little bit in common with that Ferrari, like… Um… wheels… and… being red.  Also, wheels, and even the same number of them, which leads us to today’s high-octane query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also wouldn’t mind getting behind the wheel of the Millennium Falcon, but probably couldn’t keep a straight face about the ‘parsecs’ business, asking: What land vehicle, real or fictional, would be your ultimate dream ride?


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  1. I feel lame for just wanting Magnum’s Ferrari 308, but I just need a ride that looks cool. A 007 Aston would do it too.

    • Not bad choices. Me, I’d take a Delorean. I don’t care how bad the car actually is, I just want to be able to open the doors, run to the nearest person and say “You did send me back, but now I’ve got to get Back to the Future!”

  2. For something in the semi-realistic range, I’ll have to go with my dream car, Ecto-1. I had actually at one point been working to create a replica, but some nasty RL issues (including medical bills and that pesky need to eat to survive) made me have to sell it. I just don’t have the will (let alone the funds) to start over from scratch after all that work I put into it, and I doubt I’d be lucky enough to find another of the same car for such a low price for the condition it was in either.

    Alternately, I wouldn’t mind a DeLorean. Even without the Flux Capacitor and the other time machine parts, it is a pretty spiffy looking ride.

    For something more out there, I’d love to have am X-34 Landspeeder like Luke had in Star Wars (I figure that while they do hover, they should count as a ground vehicle since the hover mechanics only allow them to be so far off the ground and they aren’t capable of flight like more advanced Airspeeders).

  3. I’m going with a Tron light cycle. Walk outside, take the light bar out of your pocket, INSTANT BADASS MOTORCYCLE! And it has a built-in tailgater deterrent.

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