E3: Marvel Heroes 2015 launches


Fans of the online RPG game, Marvel Heroes have a whole bunch of new content available to them today thanks to the 2015 update.

Some of the more notable additions include

  • Battle of Muspelheim Raid: Finishing up the Asgard content is the addition of the first epic Raid in Marvel Heroes. This new end-game raid lets up to 10 players journey into the fiery depths of Surtur’s lair and fight against waves of enemies, culminating in a final boss battle against the archenemy of Odin and Thor, Surtur himself! Standing at over 1,000 feet, Surtur presents a brand new challenge and will tower over players with his giant eternal sword, Twilight.
  • Omega System: New alternate advancement system
  • Daily Shared Quests: Aptly named server-wide shared quests

Marvel Entertainment and Gazillion promise even more content each and every month as the game builds up to Marvel Heroes 2015 Anniversary.

Marvel Heroes has grown and dramatically improved since launch,” said David Brevik, CEO, Gazillion. “And now Marvel Heroes 2015 showcases just how far we’ve come and how far we plan to go. We truly believe – and I’m confident our incredible community and the press will back this up – Marvel Heroes 2015 is one of the most improved titles of all time. In one year, the game has expanded at a pace that rivals or exceeds any other iterative release on Earth, be it a sports title, office productivity or next year’s car model. You will be hard-pressed to find a developer more demonstrably committed to its game than Gazillion, and we have so much more coming right around the corner.”

MH_SCREEN_042314_013 MH_SCREEN_Wakanda_052014_032 MH_SCREEN_Wakanda_052014_034 MH_SCREEN_042314_006 MH_SCREEN_042314_012 MH_SCREEN_042314_001 MH_SCREEN_042314_003 MH2015_Infographic_060414 MH2015_Key-Art_Poster_060414 MH2015_Key-Art_Landscape_060414

Who out there is playing this game? Is it worth the time sink that will occur when I step into this world and start playing as one of the 34 characters the companies have already released?

via Marvel