Brilliant use of LEGO Minifigs for techies


Who knew that the LEGO minifigures could be used for more than just playing around with and making stop-motion videos for YouTube?  For the tech junkies out there, the minifigs can also hold your important cables.

You can also hold keys, your phone, and just about anything else with a LEGO brick and a little bit of sugru, as we’ve seen before. But now you can add an army of LEGO figures to prevent your cables from getting lost.

This tip comes from LifeHacker, but to be honest, though one can use the Minifig for holding your iPhone cable, I grabbed the nearest Minifig (the Jor-El LEGO store exclusive) and found out the hands are just a bit too small to really hold important cables like your power cable, USB cable, and others.  Still as a conversation starter, this hack is a great addition to your cubicle.

More instructions on how to LEGOize your cubicle can be found here.

via LifeHacker