As a fan of super-talented voice actor Frank Welker, I’m always torn when I watch the 80s ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ cartoon.  On the one hand, the fact that Frank can do such realistic baby unicorn noises and bleats is impressive, but on the other, I find myself compelled to dropkick Uni the Unicorn nearly as much as Eric the Cavalier seems to.  As a byproduct of the “every show needs a cute pet” rule that was unbreakable during the time period, Uni adds nothing to the proceedings other than endangering the party and giving Bobby a reason to do stupid things.  Still, he’s not as central to the plot as Scrappy Doo, nor as entirely useless as Snarf, but still ranks below Shipwreck’s parrot from G.I. Joe, who could at least mimic voices to make itself useful.  Indeed, the cute sidekick/mascot/pet is a widely used plot device that I seldom, if ever, find myself really liking, which leads to today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still can’t forgive the mess that was Godzooky, asking: What’s the most annoying cartoon mascot/pet of them all?


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  1. Oh, man, I remember this time period. My personal most annoying pet is Scrappy Doo. Scooby Doo was a long time favorite show of mine and it was really good without Scrappy. He just annoyed the heck out of me and made me stop watching regularly.

  2. I grew up on 70’s cartoons. Keeping with that, Wendy Marvin, their dog, and Wonder twins (and their stupid space monkey) were fairly annoying. Though, Scrappy Doo has to be the most annoying. I really like the first Scooby Doo live action movie’s send up of him.

  3. In my watching of the Looney Tunes Golden Age collection, Tweety is easily the least funny of the mainstay cast (Discounting early characters like Bosko or Buddy.)

    Also Brian Griffin just annoyed me to no end.

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