Josh Trank already made a Star Wars movie…7 years ago


Nothing ever dies on the Internet, which can be a good thing or a horrible one. In this case it is a great one because we can watch newly announced Star Wars director Josh Trank’s first take on Star Wars from 7 years ago.

Lots of NSFW language in the video, so watch at your own risk.

It is easy to see how Trank ended up directing Chronicle after watching this short piece. Young kids with extraordinary powers, “found” footage style, and exceptional effects. The bits with the lightsaber fighting were quite impressive since the camera was all over the place, but the effects were tracked right into place.

Obviously I wouldn’t expect Trank’s Star Wars spinoff movie to look anything close to this. I can’t imagine Disney/Lucas Film signing off on a handheld/found footage film for their franchise; of course, that would be incredibly interesting if the companies went for it.

via Josh Trank