Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Laurie B


If you don’t follow Gail Simone’s Ape in a Cape Tumblr page, you are missing out on some very interesting content. Gail not only shares her thoughts, but also reblogs great art – like today’s entry from Laurie B.

Here’s a piece that I really like, it was a commission that I did a while back and I also put it into my second Pure Heroine sketchbook. I believe she’s the “original design” for Batgirl. I could be wrong, but she was described as having red hair, and a blue-ish/purple-ish costume.

I didn’t have a deep purple pencil at that time, but I really like the overall colors I gave it. It was a pretty quick sketch, and I hope you all dig it!



DeviantArt via Gail Simone