SNEAK PEEK: The X-Files Art Gallery #1


Can’t get enough of The X-Files? The X-Files Art Gallery arrives in stores this week, and we have your first look, after the jump.

The X-Files Art Gallery #1
Cat Staggs, Joe Corroney, Chris Mason, Miran Kim, Mark McHaley, and more (a) • McHaley (c)
This special ad-free issue presents new portraits of all your favorite X-Files agents, aliens, shadowy figures, and friends and enemies, all rendered by the dynamic hands of a wide array of talented artists!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Xfiles_ArtGallery-1 Xfiles_ArtGallery-2 Xfiles_ArtGallery-3 Xfiles_ArtGallery-4 Xfiles_ArtGallery-5 Xfiles_ArtGallery-6 Xfiles_ArtGallery-7 Xfiles_ArtGallery-8 Xfiles_ArtGallery-9 Xfiles_ArtGallery-10 Xfiles_ArtGallery-11 Xfiles_ArtGallery-pr-1

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