SNEAK PEEK: Justice Machine: Object of Power


Bluewater Productions released a sneak peek of Justice Machine: Object of Power.

Justice Machine: Object of Power
Pages: 96
Writer: Mark Ellis
Artist: David Enebral & Ivan Barriga.
Digital Price: $9.99
Print Price: $17.99
The gears of justice roll on in a new graphic novel by best-selling author Mark (Doc Savage, Outlanders) Ellis, David (Batman/Superman, Infinity, Inc,) Enebral and Ivan (Legend of Isis) Barriga.

The Justice Machine fought to destroy tyranny on two worlds–but nearly twenty years ago they vanished, never to be seen again. Until now! The Machine’s explosive return plunges them into a nightmarish landscape of two realities warring for dominion! The team races to thwart a dark destiny awaiting all humanity if they fail to stop an unspeakable evil from gaining a foothold to the future!

Painted front and back covers by Jeff Slemons! Special features include a history of the Justice Machine with artwork by Adam Hughes, Darryl Banks, Robert Castro and Jack Kirby!

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via Bluewater Productions