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Archie Comics has made a name for itself as a vibrant, innovative publisher that is focused on representing today’s world through its comics. Iconic characters like Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, and Reggie have stayed true to their history while residing in a modern world. That continues today. Following in the tradition of modern and engaging character debuts like Kevin Keller, Archie Comics is proud to give fans a first look at the latest addition to the Riverdale family: Harper.

9fd9a153-e962-4868-8552-37a7c2d6d1fbCousin to posh socialite Veronica Lodge, Harper arrives in Riverdale and introduces the Archie gang to something they’ve never dealt with: a friend who is disabled. But while Harper does have a disability, it does not define her, and Archie, his friends, and fans around the world will be treated to her dynamic personality. Harper teaches the Archies an important lesson: that something you think can hold you back can make you that much stronger.

“Harper is the latest in a long line of characters we’ve introduced to make Riverdale feel like a city in today’s world,” said Archie Comics Co-CEO/Publisher Jon Goldwater. “Harper is, first and foremost, a funny, fashionable and witty teenager. The fact that she’s disabled is only one part of her story, and we’re excited to welcome her to Riverdale and Archie Comics.”

The idea for Harper came out of a conversation between writer/artist Dan Parent and longtime Archie fan and author Jewel Kats, who is also disabled. From that initial idea Harper was born.

Harper’s debut, ARCHIE #656, hits 6/18.

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  1. Oldcomicfan on

    There are just so many things wrong about that cover, I just don’t know where to begin. Archie is a horn dog. He deserves to be gelded, or at least be nailed with Alienation of Affection suits from all the dames he’s picked up and them dumped for the newest chippie in town… And for athletic and healthy Archie to be bumming a ride in the lap of a crippled girl is beyond belief! What’s next, taking Helen Keller on a date to an art gallery? Entering Stephen Hawking in the Boston Marathon?

    Every now and then I pick up an Archie digest at the store, more for the nostalgia of reading an Archie story than anything else. Archie comics are rather weird because in many ways Archie and his pals are stuck in the 50s – when was the last time you saw a Malt Shop or Soda Fountain? And it’s been decades since I saw a record store. And yet the publishers then try to make the stories topical by inserting the Flavor Character of the Month – the token Minority, the token Gay character, the token handicapped or homeless character, etc. Or trying to insert the latest popular fad – like inserting a rock and roll band or the monster of the month. They ought to make up their minds and either keep them back in the 50s or completely modernize the stories.

    To be honest, I liked Archie comics a lot better before they started trying to make them topical and modern. These attempts at updating Archie are usually more pathetic than anything else – for example, putting KISS into the comic almost twenty years after KISS was actually popular. Whoa, fellas, that boat sailed a LONG time ago!

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