The final issue of Nightwing ends with more of a thud than a bang. Check out more of my review after the jump!

Nightwing_Vol_3-30_Cover-1_TeaserNightwing #30

Writers: Tim Seely and Tom King

Art by Javier Garron

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: $3.99


Previously on Nightwing: He was unmasked to the world, and almost killed until he was saved by Lex Luthor. But why does everyone still think he’s dead?


A final issue of a comic book series can be many things. It can be a final goodbye to a character. It can be a way for a writer to tie up any loose ends of their stories from the last couple of years. Or it can not really be a last issue at all, and be nothing but a setup for the next series. Which is exactly what this book happens to be.

This issue should have been named Grayson #0 more than Nightwing #30. As this issue sets up his double agent role within Spyral, and expands on the scene between Bruce and Dick from Forever Evil #7. Tim Seeley and Tim King (writers of the upcoming Grayson series) divide this issue into three different storylines. Dr. Leslie Thompkins is introduced (now all young and sexy because of the New 52) during an encounter with Spyral. Bruce and Dick have a beatdown conversation in the Batcave, and then we get to see Grayson on his own with a flavor of his upcoming spy filled days.

Let’s talk about that beatdown in the cave. It’s Batman and Nightwing, shirtless, having a conversation as they beat the living crap out of each other. No joke. This physical clash serves no purpose to the overall issue except possibly making readers feel a little disturbed by reading it. It doesn’t help that Batman’s dialogue doesn’t sound like anything Batman would say. Several times, I found myself scratching my head as to why Batman was saying these lines. While these two literally destroy the cave and everything in it for the sake of drama, we get to have a small moment with Alfred. You see, Alfred has no idea that Dick is still alive. Thus creating the situation that Batman is absolutely horrible for not letting Alfred know. I mean, Damian just died in their comic book timeline!!

The change they are making to the Dick Grayson character is interesting. I think it might invigorate the character before bringing him back into the Nightwing role, which you know they are going to do eventually. The major problems from this issue stem from that bad characterization of Batman, and the thought that if this is the writing style that we have to expect on the upcoming Grayson series, then we may be in trouble.


Usually when a comic publisher stuffs three artists on one book it means that there is a problem. Since Forever Evil ran into some delays, I assume that they had to rush this book to the printer. Each artist does a serviceable job, but only Mikel Janin stands above the rest. He handles the Grayson on his own segments; a taste for what is to come on the new series. Mikel picks some dynamic angles that let Grayson fell superheroic even though he is not wearing a costume.


This is definitely a weak ending for the New 52 Nightwing comic.  Tim Seely introduces us to the new status quo while fumbling to say goodbye to his Nightwing persona. I definitely would have been interested to have read james Tynion’s original script to this issue as I feel it would have been more like a true goodbye to the identity that we all know and love. As it stands, I definitely want to see what’s next, but I’m very worried how good it will be.



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  1. I’ve always liked Nightwing books, back to Chuck Dixon’s initial run, and I have really enjoyed Kyle Higgins too. And this is why this was a disappointing end to the Nightwing title. It’s so over-whelmingly Meh! I may give Grayson a look…but my expectations are quite low now.

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